General Ramblings…COVID-19, Life in Lockdown and what I’m doing to cope!

A rare opportunity to sit and write somewhere other than at home…Not quite the inspirational beauty spot I’d like to be sat in now but anything is better than the same four walls…

So I’m currently sat writing this from the car park outside my work whilst waiting for the delivery driver to arrive from Belgium. My first ‘proper’ outing and social interaction in a week. All in aid of taking a delivery for work, not something I expected to find myself doing anytime soon, but needs must. It’s a sunny day at least. Since lockdown that’s all we seem to have had, who’s betting on it raining as soon as we’re allowed back outside? I know I am for sure!! Strange times at the moment really, the world seems to have gone into lockdown but most people appear to be carrying on as normal? As a person who has very vulnerable family members, people’s stupidity and behaviour somewhat worries me. If people aren’t able to adhere to simply staying indoors, with their family, pets, food, wifi and warmth. I’d hate to imagine what they’d have been like back when the war was a thing, when our family members were out fighting to save the country’s fate, rather than being told to stay at home? Now, I know it isn’t all easy and fun being stuck indoors with your family/partner or whoever you’re at home with, and this can bring its own strains on relationships, with people unable to have their own space as such. It’s difficult, but we need to stick at it for the duration and however tempting it may be to just go for a drive or go and meet some of your mates; don’t. If it isn’t essential, don’t bother. The police are getting more forward with issuing fines now, with checkpoints popping up across Sheffield, ask yourself this; Is it really worth risking your’s and your family’s wellbeing for the sake of twenty minutes with a mate? There’s nothing I would love to do more than to jump in the car and go and meet all the lads for a drive and a pub meal right now, but until all this has blown over, its a no go.

In general, the whole lockdown thing, for me, has actually been a bit of a welcome break from a lot. Work is getting mentally busy, and working in a dealership, March is usually our busiest month. Not this one. We closed fully midway through March and going back this morning was the weirdest feeling. Empty car parks, empty pitch, no other staff…An all-round eery kind of vibe but at the same time, quite refreshing. Never thought I’d find myself saying I was looking forward to being back to working, 5am starts and the dreaded commute across city centre, but I physically cannot wait until all of this is over and we can return to some sort of normality.

So, what am I doing to get myself through lockdown at home then? Well, for a start I’ve become a bit more active. Before everything shut down, I’d be in the gym every other night after work when I was able to, but with that no longer an option, cycling, running, walking and home exercise have formed an alternative method of getting my fix of fitness and a bit of an escape from sitting about watching Netflix. Another distraction from it all is Rosie, our Mini Dachshund puppy. An absolute character who keeps us all on our toes (usually because she’s biting at them!) that has absolutely blessed our house with life and laughter since she came home!

The main thing I’ve found myself doing is sitting and spending hours tirelessly tapping away at my keyboard, writing things to post on this blog. After spending ages deciding what I wanted this page to be about, I can categorically say I still have absolutely no idea as to the content I’ll be posting over the coming weeks, months, or years. I’ve got a few things lined up in the drafts section on here, but more than anything I need your guys’ feedback. What do you want to read? There’s no point in me rambling on about something that people aren’t going to read, so feel free to give me a bit of feedback. If you’ve got a topic you want to see my opinion of, tell me. A specific bit of my work you want explaining, maybe even a ‘how-to‘ style of post? I know for sure that the ‘General Ramblings’ type of post will be at least a weekly thing going forward, so if you’ve got any ideas of topics, send me a message, email, or comment on this thread and I’ll get back to you! In the meantime, stay at home, wash your hands and keep active!

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